Mississippi Department of Education

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Active Parent

Directions for parents access to ACTIVEPARENT.


  1. Go online with your computer.


  1. You will need to be using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or 8 for your browser. Mozilla Firefox or Google Crome will work also.


  1. Somewhere across the top of that page you will see the word TOOLS.


  1. Click on TOOLS and the menu will drop down.  The second item down should say POP- UP BLOCKER.  You must turn OFF your pop-up blocker for this program to work.


  1. When you have finish all of the above, go to the following web site.


When you get there you will see the page for ActiveParent.

On this page there is a blank for the username and password.

You will need to click on the bottom line that says, Sign up for an Active Parent Account.  See sample below.


  1. When the new page comes up, fill in all of the requested information and click NEXT.


  1. On this page also fill in the requested information and click ADD STUDENT.


  1. After following all requested information on the page, close the program.


•      After your information has been verified, your Active Parent site will be active. Please give us enough time to verify your information. Do not request another account.


  1. Just go back to the ms7612.activeparent.net site and enter your username and password. If your password does not work, please contact kimjenkins@lelandk12.org.


  1. Write down your user ID and your password.


  1. Please don’t forget it.  We DO NOT have a way of retrieving your password.



•      If you forget your password, someone at the school level will have to reset it and give you your user name and password in the form of an email. Please make sure an accurate email address is on file.

TDAP vaccinations

This free vaccination is required for all incoming 7th grade students. You must report to your local health department to have this done before the first day of school which is August 17, 2020.